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Indulgence Facials

We are delighted to use the Dr. Belter Cosmetic skin care line within our facial treatments.  This pro-medical skin care line offers natural and organic ingredients with the latest actives for immediate results. 

If you are unsure as to which facial treatment if right for you, please feel free to book a FREE consultation to discuss your skin's needs.

Alternatively,  if you are interested in caring for your skin at home using products that will improve your skin condition.  Please book a FREE consultation and we will recommend the best regime for you, including sample products to try before you buy.


Essential Facial  - all skin types
45 mins   £38

An essential facial treatment to visibly improve the skin.  The skin will feel tighter, toned and moisturised.

Classic Facial - all skin types
60 mins   £45- £50
Includes a unique fan brush massage technique combined with acupressure, plus either a selected area for a relaxing massage or an electrical treatment to help improve the skin.

Lifting Facial Treatment  - mature skin
75 mins  £60

A unique lifting and anti ageing treatment that incorporates a pure collagen mask to improve the moisture binding capacity of the skin, diminishes fine lines and maximum skin rejuvenation.

NEW 'Shake it' Mask Summer Facial Treatments - all types

Wonderfully refreshing & moisturising Summer treatments to boost & protect the skin.  We or you can choose from 'Stem-cell treatment' for anti-ageing, 'Anti-oxidant treatment' for all skin types and 'Carbon D-Tox anti pollution treatment' for sensitive & problematic skin.

Teenage Facial - all skin types    
45 mins   £30

A gentle and effective facial treatment using natural, biological products to improve and clear young skin.

        Acne Treatment - problematic, oily, acne skin           
45 mins   £35
This anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory skin treatment speeds up the
normalisation of skin with blemishes

Hypersensitive skin treatment 
Relax & Recover - sensitive & stressed skin
60 mins £50 
A treatment to calm & strengthen the skin using gentle, natural products free from perfume and colour.

Derma-A-ReNew Facial  - all skin types, except sensitive

This naturally effective chemical peel treatment can help 
Fine lines, Sun damage, Pigmentation and large pores. 
It can also be used on Acne skin with Impurities, Flat scars and large pores. 

Luxury collagen Treatment   £60
Deluxe Occlusive lift Treatment £55 
Classic peel Treatment       £50
Basic peel Treatment          £40
                               Lumination secret Modelage - radiance enhancing  improves hyper-pigmentation. Can be used with Derm-A-ReNew.
          A deluxe treatment with a peel off mask to brighten the skin with whitening agents to improve pigmentation & even out skin tone 
                    Caviar Balance Modelage treatment - balancing 
     A deluxe treatment with a peel off mask to balance the skin, calm areas of redness and protect from  environmental issues 
                              Dermo Relax Treatment - anti-wrinkle facial
                               A luxury treatment with pure collagen mask
                       to tighten and tone skin with anti-wrinkle ingredients 

           VivaCell Grenadine Deluxe lift treatment- regenerating
                           A luxury lifting, regenerating and anti ageing treatment 
                                            with pure collagen mask 

 luxury spa V- shape contouring Facial      (COMING SOON)
     The ultimate spa treatment using latest technique and anti-ageing ingredients to            contour the face and relax the the body and mind. Includes a range of                      massage,cupping therapy and V shape thermal mask for the ultimate indulgence 

Couperose/Rosacea Facial (COMING SOON)
Manual lymph drainage with soothing, calming products to visibly improve this skin type

Native silk Treatment  (COMING SOON)
repairs skin surface to retain moisture and improve condition 

Please note that the following treatments are not suitable if you suffer from claustrophobia: